Delores UKOER Project

This pages links to information about the Delores (Delivering Open Educational Resources for Engineering Design) project in the HE Academy / JISC UK Open Educational Resources (phase 2) programme. The aim of the project is to present static and dynamic collections of university-level Open Educational Resources (OERs) and other openly available resources relevant to Engineering Design. The static collection comprises expert-selected resources presented to end users in form of a blog themed around a tried and tested first-year undergraduate curriculum for Engineering Design. The dynamic collection is built automatically, utilising Bayesian filtering and rule-based classification to select and organise those OERs most relevant to particular topics.

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Delores is a collaboration of ICBL in Computer Science at Heriot Watt University and IdMRC, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath. It is funded through phase 2 of the HE Academy / JISC Open Educational Resources programme.

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