ITTI Ongoing Maintenance and Support

     Preliminary Report

     May 1995

     This report gives a short description of the work which is being
     carried out by those seven ITTI projects which were successful in
     receiving additional funding from UCISA/JISC. The vast majority
     of revised products will be available by December `95. Your are
     welcome to get in touch with the stated project contacts or
     myself if you have an interest in any specific item.

     Brian Shields

     National Co-ordinator ITTI

     X-Windows Project             Jean Ritchie and John Wexler
                                   University of Edinburgh

     The workbooks on which the Xwindows System User Course , the
     Xwindows System Managers Course and the Motif Program Course are
     based have proved suitable for self - paced study purposes.

     These workbooks will be modified to:

                      Reflect network developments

                      include more concepts

                      Reflect developments in X-terminal hardware

                      Include improved examples

                      Cover the use of X with PC's and Apple Mac's

     A WWW page will be produced to give an overview of the various
     products and explain how they can be obtained electronically as
     Framemaker 4 or Postscript files.

     Availability    October `95

     UNIX Help Project               Keith Farvis   (Admin)
                                     Univ of Edinburgh
                                     Gavin Inglis  (Technical)

     The UNIX Help Product has been widely used in the UK and abroad
     and will be updated and improved, in response to the feedback
     received over the past year, as follows:-

                 Product brought up to date with UNIX System V Release 4

                 Facilitate local customization

                 Added sections on emacs, usenet News and others

                 Improved formatting and layout style.

                 The product will continue to be run on the WWW.

                 Availability   Style and HTML conformance  August `95

                                All other changes           December`95

     Networking for Technical Staff              John Buckett
                                                 Univ of Exeter

     Two of the project's networking courses: Data Communications and
     Novell Netware will be updated. The Data Communications Course is
     being updated by reducing the coverage of X25 and coloured books
     networking and adding new sections  on topics such as TCP/IP,
     Novell, PC Ethernet drivers and some PC network applications. The
     Novell course is undergoing more extensive changes to take
     account of increasing use of Netware Version 4 in the academic
     community. It is envisaged that the new course will appear in two

                 One will be a Netware version 4 conversion course for
                 those staff with a working knowledge of earlier
                 versions of Novell Netware.

                 The second will be a complete Netware Version 4 course
                 designed for technical staff who have no previous
                 knowledge of Novell Netware.

     The course notes from all these courses will be made available
     via the WWW.

     Availability        Data Communications      September `95
                         Novell Netware           December `95

     Network Training Materials                  Jill Foster
                                                 Univ of Newcastle
                                                 Margaret Isaacs
                                                 Univ of Glasgow

     The Network Training Materials project is currently producing a
     WWW- based self-teaching package which builds on the material
     currently in the Network Training Pack. This package will enable
     users to teach themselves how to use the Internet. The funding
     will enable the project to employ specialized staff to enhance
     this package with additional interactivity and to assist with the
     interface design.

     It is intended to produce both a stand-alone version on disk or
     CD-ROM and a networked version available via the WWW.

     Availability        Core Module by September '95

     Hypermedia for the Humanities      Marilyn Deegan
                                        Oxford Univ.

     The book, Hypermedia in the Humanities has had a very large take
     up both within and outwith the Humanities community; it will be
     republished with title and content  to reflect its wider
     applicability. Extensive revision of the section on Authoring
     Systems will be carried out as will a revision of the
     introductory definitions to be less focused on the Humanities.
     The entire book will be edited in the light of reviews which have
     been received.

     It is planned to have the book available in paper form and via
     the WWW.

     Availability    December `95

     On Going Support and Development for Authoring Packages
                                                David Baty
                                                Univ. of Dundee

     The project aims to provide:-

     Information support for CBL developers through the regular
     updating of the Using Hypertext and Multimedia product. This
     product is essentially a hypertext database of educational
     technology information designed for use by beginners and current
     developers. Whilst the content is not Guide specific it includes
     several useful ``Guide tips''

     Ongoing development of the new Guide Toolkit. This is a package
     which allows CBL material to be developed quickly and efficiently
     as well as providing a simple method for CBL production

     A workbook/disk will be produced which illustrates how to
     accomplish the integration of Windows programs with Guide using
     Visual Basic.

     Information on all the project's products  will be made available
     via the WWW. It is also the intention to make as many of the
     products as is feasible available via the WWW.

     Availability     Updates from October `95 onwards

     Intro. to Statistics using MINITAB        Sally McClean

     The revised product will consist of a computer based tutorial and
     associated user documentation. It will cover the use of MINITAB
     for Windows features in the production of graphical
     representations of data ( e.g. pie chart, bar chart and
     scattergram; generation of summary measures of location and
     spread; basic tabulation and cross tabulation of data and
     measurements of association.

     A non-mathematical style of treatment of related theoretical
     considerations, including an introduction of data types,
     statistical variables and measurement scales.

     The products will be delivered via the WWW

     Availability        December `95
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