The Role of VLEs in the Online Delivery of Staff Development
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For two years, the TALiSMAN project has raised awareness of and provided training in the use of networks for teaching and learning to staff at Scottish Higher Education Institutions. Whilst the majority of this training has been delivered face to face in large scale events and workshops, a significant amount (>700 places) has been delivered online using different delivery models. This project (JTAP-573) draws on our experience of delivering online staff development, to illustrate the potential value of Virtual Learning Environments for this purpose.The study includes:

  • a summary and analysis of current delivery models,
  • a survey of appropriate tools and VLEs,
  • recommendations of possible future delivery strategies.

The findings of this study are presented in three ways; through reports, workshops and online training materials.

... Nov 30. Online Materials Prepared GO... Oct 28. Report available: 2. Delivering Staff and Professional Development using Virtual Learning Environments GO...March 27. Slides form talk available.GO...February 10. Added Comments Form.GO.. ...February 10. Added Suggested Sites Form.GO...December 2. 573 Web Site Launched......November 27. Report available: 1. A Review of TALiSMAN Online.GO...November 27. Project Flyer available.GO...November 27. Dissemination Plan finalised... ...November 27 Workplan finalised...

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