The Role of VLEs in the Online Delivery of Staff Development

1. Review of TALiSMAN Online
The first report (entitled "A Review of TALiSMAN Online") describes our experiences of delivering staff development online in the SHEFC funded TALiSMAN project. In addition to a description and comparison of the two main approaches we followed, this report discusses the issues surrounding the provision of effective online teaching materials.

The report is available for download and viewing in the following formats:

2. Delivering Staff and Professional Development using Virtual Learning Environments
The second report extends on these findings and discuss the suitability and potential role of commercial and freely available Virtual Learning Environments in the delivery of online staff development programmes.

The report is available for download and viewing in the following formats:

Online Delivery of Staff Development
[TALiSMAN Awareness Day: Using C&IT in Education, University of Strathclyde - 24 March 1999].
[Abstract] Within Higher Education, there is a recognised need for staff development and formalisation of skills, particularly with regard to Communications & Information Technology. Online delivery of staff development programmes is an attractive prospect providing flexibility, economy, standardisation, extensibility and opportunities for collaboration. The growing availability of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) is one means to assist this process. During the TALiSMAN project, we used a number of models of online delivery for our courses and have examined a number of tools which have been developed. This presentation discusses some of the issues inherent in the online delivery of staff development and looks at appropriate tools and strategies to ensure success. Slides from the event are available in powerpoint 97 format, or as a set of html pages.

'Networked Learning: New Opportunities and New Issues'
Notes from this talk delivered at the University of Westminster on 22 May 1999 for an event entitled 'Cultures of Distance, teaching and learning in art and design on the WWW' are also available in html.
A simple web page to go along with the talk is also available. Broadly similar talks were also presented at the Scottish Council for Educational Technology (14 May 1999) and Glasgow Caledonian University (8 June 1999).

After the end of the project, I have continued to give talks on this subject, some of which are linked below.

Virtual Learning Environments and Assessment
A talk given four times at SCAAN workshops held around Scotland in Dec 2000. Support materials are available from

Delivering Staff Development Online
A talk to the M25 Consortium of HE Libraries, Staff Development Group. A page to accompany this talk is available from:

An annotated set of web pages (the primer) outlining the main findings of the project are now available.

Here is a short article from the TALiSMAN 'Browser' Newsletter, reporting on the progress of the JTAP-573 project.

A poster outlining the work of the project was presented at the event 'The Future of University Teaching? - Multimedia, Web and New Technologies held at the University of Edinburgh, 23rd April 1999. Copies of the first report were also made available on request, along with project publicity leaflets. is a short article on VLEs written for the VADS (Visual Arts Data Service) - it took a long time to appear.

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