The Role of VLEs in the Online Delivery of Staff Development

The materials on these pages should support the main findings of the project reports. The presentation will however be more informal, should draw on more external material and present a more personal view (my own). After reading through these materials, you should have a clear view of the role of virtual learning environments in managing online learning and professional development, within UK HE.

The structure of the materials loosely reflects that of the original reports, with:

  • a brief review of the pressures facing UK Higher Education,
  • a brief overview of various popular Virtual Learning Environments,
  • a look at alternative strategies for structuring online courses.
  • a recap of some of the issues relevant when using VLEs to deliver learning and development,
  • a presentation of the evidence; the courses which were delivered during the TALiSMAN project,
  • a look at the prospects for online delivery of staff development, and
  • a few recommendations of good and bad practise.

This project has concerned itself with the online delivery of staff development. Some of the main issues raised in the reports have been concerned with presentation of materials and interactivity. The materials presented here should not be seen as a set of materials to be rigorously read through, but as a annotated summary of the main themes of the project aranged to provide starting points for further study.

Beginning on the next page (the start of the materials), use the sidebar to navigate through the materials. External resources will be launched in separate browser windows.

If you have any comments on the materials in this section or on the project as a whole, please email them to or use this form.

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