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The ASSHE Inventory?

ASSHE stands for Assessment Strategies in Scottish Higher Education and the project team carried out a major survey of current assessment practices, compiling the data gathered into a database. A selection of entries from that database have been published as the ASSHE Inventory giving a brief description of the assessment method (not all involve technology), how widely it has been used and contact details for the staff involved.
The Inventory can be purchased from
TLA Centre,
34 Buccleuch Place,
Edinburgh, EH8 9JS
Tel: 0131 650 6837

Deliberations ?

It's an on-line magazine for academics, librarians and educational developers and includes a section dedicated to assessment - ideas and techniques as well as a variety of other topics.
You can find it at

The ALTER project?

ALTER stands for Assessment of Learning through Technology for Efficiency and Rigour. It was a project funded by TLTP, and has produced a number of useful publications including "Using Technology to Assess Student Learning"; "Workshop on Assessment of Learning in Higher Education"; "Assessment Processes and Personal Judgement in higher Education - A discussion paper". "Constructing Multiple Choice tests - a tutorial", "Introduction to computer-aided assessment in Higher Education - a tutorial"
Contact : UCoSDA, Ingram House, 65 Wilkinson Street, University of Sheffield, Sheffield S10 2GJ
Tel: 0114 222 4211
E-Mail :

Assessment on the Web

...In Mathematics?

The Use of MANs Initiative project MARBLE is experimenting with delivering maths assessments via the World Wide Web.

...In Medicine and Business Studies?

There are searchable MCQ databases that you can use to build your own tests at

...In Biology?

There is an article in Volume 7, number 1 (July 1996) of the CTI Biology Newsletter which will be of interest to staff in other academic subject areas. It is to be found at

"Setting Effective Objective Tests" ?

- a self teaching tutorial from the University of Aberdeen, to help you identify whether objective testing has a place in your assessment strategy, and to guide you through the design of objective tests. Another publication is promised soon on the steps of implementing computer based examinations - watch this space!
Contact: Dr Simon Heath, CLUES, MacRobert Building, University of Aberdeen,Aberdeen AB24 5UA
Tel: 01224 273755
e-mail :

The Northumbria Assessment Conference?

Hosted annually (we hope!) by The University of Northumbria at Newcastle in early September.
For further details:
Contact Maureen Dickson
Tel: 0191 227 4180
E-Mail :
or look at

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