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Sorry BrITe Ideas Online is now defunkt.
You can find all the same ideas in the pdf version of BrITe Ideas

Thinking about using IT in your teaching? are some ideas to get you started.

thinking about using computers...

BrITe Ideas is a bit like the product of a brainstorming session: we started with ten situations or tasks (see box on left) where those involved with University teaching might encounter problems, and came up with ten brief outline suggestions of how IT might help. We hope these suggestions will be useful starting points for teachers and lecturers thinking of using IT in their own courses or subject disciplines. your teaching?

Once we had all the ideas we realised that there were common threads that ran across ideas for different situations; these might be problems which occur in different contexts, different teaching methods or different uses of IT. In order to allow users to bring these together we gave each idea a set of "link words" which act as hyperlinks to other similar ideas.

You won't find subject specific ideas here, we hope most of the ideas can be adapted many academic disciplines, and you won't find ideas about specific pieces of software to use.

We hope you will find starting points for ideas which will help you, and we wish you success in fleshing these out for use in you own teaching.

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