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Dr Roger Rist, LTDI director
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The questions most often asked by academics contemplating implementing the use of learning technology are "Does it work?" and "How do you do it?" .

One very effective way of answering these questions is by reference to the evidence of case studies of appropriate implementations. The study of successful implementations can help us understand what works and why.

The case studies presented here have all been implemented with support from the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council's Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative, which exists to provide staff in Scottish HEIs with information and support in this area. This document complements the LTDI publications "Implementing Learning Technology" and the LTDI Information Directory. Over a hundred implementations have been supported by LTDI and the 8 case studies selected give a range of different uses of technology in learning and yield ideas that are applicable outside their own subject areas.

I hope that these examples will provide a useful addition to our knowledge and understanding of how learning technology can support learning and teaching and that they may prove to be the starting point for further successful implementations.

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