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About the LTDI Evaluation Cookbook


Original book
First Published 1998 by Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative.
The book is free to staff in SHEFC funded institutions; if you would like further copies of the LTDI Evaluation Cookbook please contact LTDI.
ISBN 0 9528731 6 8

The original idea for the cookbook came from the LTDI consultative group. Their suggestion was that we should try and produce a practical guide that would be aimed at lecturers who were interested in evaluating materials for their effectiveness in achieving specific learning objectives.

From this initial concept, we hope that we have now developed a resource from which readers can pick and mix from a range of ideas and suggestions and through this process, design an evaluation study to suit their own specific needs.

The Developement of the Cookbook
Cookbook contributors were selected on the basis of their wide experience in carrying out evaluations of teaching and learning interventions and we feel that this is reflected in both the content and the approach adopted within each of their cookbook sections.

In order to encourage collaboration between the authors, who were based in universities as far apart as Aberdeen and Auckland, the LTDI set up a private WWW site and mailbase discussion group. Once contributors had completed their section(s), each of these was then made available for review from the WWW page. Any comments were then fed back either directly to the author, to LTDI or to the whole group. Authors were encouraged to feedback comments on all the sections.

In addition to this, it was decided to allocate each of the contributors to a group of three and to ask them to make a more detailed review of the other two author's work.

We would welcome any comments, feedback or ideas you would like to make relating to the 'cookbook project'.

Editor: Jen Harvey