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Concept Maps
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1. Use an example
For the first time, have one you prepared earlier, in case the students are not familiar with concept maps. Students can be quite unused to doing this - so do be encouraging and ready to be the guinea pig yourself. Hint

2. Draw the concept maps
Ask everyone to draw their own map of what was significant for them in the session the main ideas, facts and so on. Draw one yourself. Hint

3. Compare Maps
The first time show your version, and ask if it bears any resemblance to theirs. Some bold soul will venture theirs - and then the rest. Hint

4. Reflect on the Maps
Look for feedback about coverage - and gaps, or misunderstandings.

Encourage them to articulate and explain their schemes. Hint

Briefly confirm important points which have been well understood, and correct any minor misunderstandings. If there are larger areas of doubt or misunderstanding, put those on the agenda for next time.


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