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A practical guide to evaluation methods for lecturers.

Recipe pages
 a list of the methods with summaries or
 a page grouping recipes by their uses.
Step by step guides to the time, resources and process involved in different evaluation methods, with hints relating to the stages of the process and links to related pages.

Information pages
The recipes are linked to information pages that aim to provide some basic practical suggestions and advice, applicable to a range of different evaluation methods.

Preparation pages
Sections have been included to provide a framework to the planning and preparation process involved prior to carrying out an evaluation. These aim to encourage you to think, in more detail, about who the evaluation is for, what you are going to be evaluating and how best you might carry out such an evaluation study.

Tasting, Refining and Presentation pages 
The final sections of the cookbook encourage you to think of your evaluation study as an ongoing process used to make improvements in teaching and learning. Guidance is provided to encourage you to reflect on ways in which you can act on your results and/or write up your findings in an evaluation report.

Serving Suggestions
The serving suggestions sections are included to demonstrate some of the cookbook evaluation methods put into practice. These short exemplars outline the aims and objectives of various evaluation studies, the main findings from these studies and some reflections on these findings.