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Cost Effectiveness
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1. Identify all the resources
Identify all the resources necessary to create or replicate the intervention and its observable effect(s) even those not included in budgeting expenditures e.g. materials, operating costs or general maintenance of equipment and resources. Hint

2. Categorise the resources
Categorise each of the resources under various headings e.g. personnel, facilities, equipment, client inputs etc. This facilitates comparison between various alternatives within an intervention. Hint

3. Calculate the overall costs of the intervention

4. Identify the outcomes for analysis.
Outcomes are the results of the intervention, for example, higher student motivation, improved student performance in assessments, lower student drop out rates. Hint

5. Carry out the analysis
Analyse on the basis of your selected COSTS and OUTCOMES. Is the outcome worth the costs?

Examples of effectiveness measures

Arguments against cost-effectiveness exercises

Arguments for cost-effectiveness exercises

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