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Cost Effectiveness
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Specific to this recipe
Crompton, P., (1997) Calculating Cost-effectiveness of IT in Higher Education: Do the numbers all add up? Paper presented at ALT-C 1997.

Doughty, G., Arnold, S., Barr, N., Brown, M., Creanor, L., Donnelly, P., Draper, S., Duffy, C., Durndell, H., Harrison, M., Henderson, F., Jessop, A., McAteer, E., Milner, M., Neil, D., Pflicke, T., Pollock, M., Primrose, C., Richard, S., Sclater, N., Shaw, R., Tickner, S., Turner, I., van der Zwan, R., Watt ,H. (1995) Using Learning Technologies: Interim Conclusions from the TILT Project.TILT University of Glasgow.

Farby, B., Land, F., Target, D. (1993), How to assess your IT investment, Oxford: Butterworth. Heinemann.

Levin, H.M. (1983) Cost-Effecfectiveness: A Primer Sage Publications. London.

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