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o "Illuminative" evaluation:
Ethnography is useful for long-term and longitudinal studies of programmes. It concentrates on accounting for the observed setting rather than comparison between settings.
o Evaluation of use and the user:
Ethnographic evaluation can investigate the user's point of view. It can help in forms of participative design eliciting the point of view of those who will use the system, both educators and students. In particular, ethnography can draw out 'tacit' knowledge, the taken for granted aspects of work often overlooked.
o "Nth phase" evaluation:
This is an iterative design process in which ethnographic research plays two roles. First, it is used to clarify requirements prior to the design of a new system. Then, it is used to provide continuous feedback for redesign and modification.

Resource Guide (info)
o Preparation time: moderate to low
o Student time: low
o Time to administer: low
o Time for analysis: moderate
o Additional resources: none

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