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Specific to this recipe
Kvale, S. (1996) InterViews: an introduction to qualitative research interviewing. London: Sage Publications ISBN 0 8039 5820 X (A very rich book, gives a lot of food for thought, with some good guidelines)

Lockwood, F. (1991) Data collection in distance education research: the use of self-recorded audiotape. Open University H801 'Foundations of Open and Distance Education' Block 4: research and evaluation methods in open and distance education. from their MA in Open and Distance Education course, Institute of Educational Technology, Milton Keynes. (Describes a study in which he used three kinds of interview with the same list of questions. Interesting)

Patton, M. (1987) How to use qualitative methods in evaluation. London: Sage. ISBN 0 8039 3129 8 (Quite old, simple and surprisingly useful - summary of tips at the back.)

Rubin, H.J. and Rubin, I.S. (1995) Qualitative Interviewing : The art of hearing data. London.. Sage. ISBN 0-8039-5095-0

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