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Phone interviews, where the interviewer fills in the responses as they come over the wire - still allows prompting and 'real-time' interaction.

Online interviews, either using Web-forms or just through email. Here some structure is essential with an introductory paragraph if agreement not already obtained before sending. What is lost in 'immediacy' might be balanced by 'reflection', with a two-shot message circulating feedback and seeking further comments.

Tape interviews (Lockwood) - sometimes useful to use different methods with exactly the same questions as the responses do differ for different modes.

Self-recorded audio taped interviews, where the respondent is sent a list of questions or issues and asked to record responses at a suitable time (perhaps at the end of a course of study) is an unusual, but workable, alternative.

The above, and the obvious corollary of the 'paper interview' shows that the line between interviews and open questionnaires blurs at the edges...

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