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Nominal Group Technique
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1. Individual thought
Ask each person to note down their own views or reflections in response to the statement or question from the evaluator eg "List three best and three worst aspects of the course"; "What is the most important aspect to be changed?" Hint

Allow only a few minutes.

2. Collect responses
Go round the group and ask everyone for a comment. List these on a flip chart. Hint

Take everyone's first answer before allowing anyone a second choice.

Cluster similar items together but do not discuss issues.

3. Vote
Allow each person to allocate six votes to cover their views. They can give all six votes to the item they feel most strongly about or they could give one point to each of six items or four points to one item and two to another, etc. This identifies items with high scores and those with low scores from many people. Hint

4. Discuss (optional)
Put people into groups to discuss the most significant items - analyse problems, propose actions etc.

Give each group a different item. Or give the same item to a group of students and a group of tutors.

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