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o Find out what resources the students are actually using
o Determine how much time they spend on each resource
o Establish how much value they place on them and any difficulties they experience in accessing the resource

However good a CAL package is, it will have no positive effect on student learning if it isn't used. Students may not have been able to access a CAL package due to a shortage of computers or computer lab. hours, they may lack the time or the motivation to attempt to use it, or having used it they may not have found it valuable. Effective integration of CAL or any other innovation into a course is essential otherwise no matter how good it is, it will not be of value to students. The questionnaire can be useful in providing information about resources other than the CAL package whose use it was designed to illuminate.

Resource Guide (info)
o Preparation time: moderate to low
o Student time: low
o Time to administer: low
o Time for analysis: moderate
o Additional resources: none

versions for printing are available Robin Shaw
University of Glasgow.

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