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Online Course Evaluation


TALiSMAN has used electronic feedback forms to record participant views on our Online Course 'Using the WWW in Teaching and Learning', which has been delivered four times to approximately 300 staff at Scottish HEIs.

 Confidence Logs
Forms were presented for completion over the WWW and responses collected by email, enabling entirely paperless administration. The forms were a mixture of open and closed questions. These online evaluation forms were used to check on the usability of discussion forums, to identify which parts of the course were of most use (and of least use) and ultimately to revise the course itself. Unfortunately, as completion of the forms was voluntary, this meant that the response rate was low.

By asking the participants whether they felt they had met course objectives, we were able to measure whether the course materials were matched to the participants - a check for prior knowledge was also made to check that the course was being properly targeted.

Reflections on the study
These evaluations provided a quick and efficient way of collecting information about the participants perception of our course. The checklist format was especially useful in providing a large amount of low level information about many aspects of course content, design and delivery.

Colin Milligan
TALiSMAN, Heriot-Watt University

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