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Examples of Nominal group technique


Two quick tasters:
1. We used a nominal group technique to get views about the use of FirstClass computer conferencing for tutorial support and peer interaction by a group of mature distance learners. The evaluation was carried out while they were together for a face-to-face workshop and revealed a variety of views. Some were about the content of the material, others about the learning process and others about hardware problems.

2. We used a quality/importance grid as part of the review of an innovative course. Some issues of high importance and low quality were beyond the immediate control of the lecturers but were having a damaging impact on the course. Some students were denied access to computers at their workplace and could not complete assignments on time. Once alerted to the problem, the course director was able to approach the employers and negotiate better support for course members in the workplace.

Gaye Manwaring .
Northern College

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