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System log data is a step-by-step recording of user interaction with a software program. The level of detail recorded is determined by a purpose-built program and can include mouse clicks, menu calls, and all operations on objects. Modelled on a 'record' facility, log data is a useful way of tracking user preferences and navigational choices.

o Any evaluation looking at how students work with courseware
o Learning evaluation: for triangulation with other data sources, e.g. questionnaire responses, interviews, focus group discussions, course grades, observation reports
o Usability evaluation: as an objective means to track use patterns, errors, navigation paths and time on task

Resource Guide (info)
o Preparation time: moderate to low
o Student time: low
o Time to administer: low
o Time for analysis: moderate
o Additional resources: none

versions for printing are available Cathy Gunn
University of Auckland,
New Zealand.

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