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Nora Mogey
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The Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative was established by The Scottish Higher Education Funding Council in August 1994. Since then it has been working with departments and individual academic staff to assist with the effective use of technology to enhance the learning environment.

Although it is now not unusual for learning technology to be seen as a core component of many courses, there continues to be a need for research about whether technology makes an effective and positive contribution to the learning experience for students. Hence as part of its programme of activities, LTDI has been working closely with a small number of projects in Scottish Universities, to support the evaluation of their existing use of computer based learning materials. The results of some of these projects are presented in this publication along with some papers from the one day conference 'VALUE':-Views Activities and Learning: Understanding Evaluation, which was hosted by LTDI in May 1998.

This collection is therefore varied, both in style and content, and we hope that it will make interesting and thought provoking reading. Much of the work described is ongoing and the results presented are in that sense only interim. All the papers include suggestions, comments and experiences which can be transferable to other disciplines. Where possible original data has been included so that the reader may draw his own conclusions from the evidence collected.

These Evaluation Studies are complemented by the LTDI Evaluation Cookbook, which is a practical guide to evaluation strategies and techniques. All LTDI publications are also accessible from the LTDI World Wide Web site http://www.icbl.hw.ac.uk/ltdi/ltdi-pub.htm

Finally we would like to thank all the authors who have contributed articles and papers for this publication, without whom this collection would certainly not have been possible.

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