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LTDI Implementation support was a free service for academic staff and departments in SHEFC-funded institutions offering intensive support to those involved with the implementation and use of learning technology.

The support offered by LTDI was wide-ranging, covering methodological issues, integration into existing courses, potential learning outcomes and assessment, choice of software, hardware specification, implementation planning, the implementation itself, evaluation strategies and future plans.


Examples of Support Levels

The nature of implementation support depended on the needs and views of the department concerned. Here are examples of the level of support that LTDI might provide and the activities associated with each.

  Initial Contact
  • Provision of information on available materials;
  • Visit to the department to discuss CBL with interested staff;
  • Identification of the level and type of support required;
  • Demonstration of relevant software;
  • Give advice on availability and sources of material;
  Intermediate Support
  • Identification of specific materials which would be appropriate;
  • Provide advice concerning adapting existing courses to use CBL materials;
  • Provide training sessions such as staff workshops;
  • Advise on how to customise materials to specific situations;
  Detailed Support
  • Provide some classroom support;
  • Advise on evaluation and post-implementation feedback;

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