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Appendix 2: Evaluation Instruments

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This appendix provides examples of the various types of instruments that can be used in the evaluation of learning technology and/or its implementation. The majority of these instruments are generic in their nature and could be used as they are in a variety of different evaluation exercises, a few are more subject/situation specific. You may freely copy and/or adapt any of these instruments for use in your own evaluation exercises provided this publication is acknowledged in any publications arising from their use. We thank the originators for permission to issue these examples in this publication. The Word 6 version of each instrument may be downloaded.

Some of these instruments are referred to in the chapters dealing with practical evaluation issues (as noted below), others are reproduced as examples of the types of instruments that may be used in evaluations.

Contents of Appendix 2

First Step Evaluation 'Checklist'
A comprehensive instrument to help guide a teacher through the process of reviewing a new piece of software. Provided by Jen Harvey. The use of this instrument is fully discussed in chapter 7.
Pre & Post Intervention Questionnaire
A two part questionnaire for establishing students' expectations and learning from using LT materials, discussed in chapter 12. Provided by Philip Crompton.
Program Questionnaire
A short instrument designed to elicit information from academics or students about the usability and content of a piece of LT material. Discussed in chapter 12. Provided by Philip Crompton.
Software Usability Evaluation
A short 'Likert scale' style questionnaire designed to elicit information from teachers or to summarise overall opinions about the usability and content of LT materials. Provided by Nora Mogey.
Student Confidence Log
A proforma of a pre and post confidence log questionnaire form as discussed in chapter 12. The specific concepts or skills descriptions have been left blank. Provided by Philip Crompton.
Observation Log
A blank photo-copyable proforma of the type of form used to collect information in an observation based evaluation exercise. Observation based evaluation is discussed in chapter 12. Provided by Philip Crompton.
Economics Profile Questionnaire
This questionnaire has been used in the evaluation of the TLTP product WinEcon and provides an example of the type of questions that might be asked to elicit information to build a profile of students' past experience and attitudes towards computers, as discussed in chapter 12. Provided by Philip Crompton.

Download the Evaluation Instruments in MS Word format (68 kB, MS Word or Word viewer required) or in pdf format (58kB, plug-in required).

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