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Appendix 3. Contributors

WarningThe contact details on this page have not been updated since this publication was first issued in paper form in 1996.

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Kathy Buckner

Kathy joined the LTDI team in August 1995 as Implementation Consultant for Health Sciences. She is on part time secondment from the Department of Communication and Information Studies at Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh where she is a lecturer in Information Management and Technology. Kathy has various research interests including the development and use of computer based learning material and the use of computer user groups.

Philip Crompton

Philip is currently employed on the TLTP project Project Varsetile at the University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA, SCOTLAND, where he concentrates on evaluation issues. Philip is also the prime contact for ELTHE (Evaluation of Learning Technology in Higher Education - self-help group) which holds a e-mail discussion list and a collection of articles relating to evaluation and organises evaluation workshops. The group's world wide web page is at, To join the group subscribe to ELTHE at

Stephen Draper

Steve is based in the Department of Psychology, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ. Steve got his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Sussex University, and then worked with Don Norman in San Diego, where he began his work on Human Computer Interaction. More lately he developed an additional interest in the application of computers to learning, and led the evaluation group on the TILT project at Glasgow, which developed the method of "Integrative Evaluation".

Jen Harvey

Jen joined LTDI in 1995, as an Implementation Consultant for the Biological Sciences & Psychology, from her previous post in the Department of Biology at Napier University. Jen obtained her PhD jointly from the University of Glasgow & Napier University, in ways of developing higher level cognitive skills in biology undergraduate students. Jen also worked on three enterprise projects in the areas of student study skills development and group assessment procedures.

Sue Hewer

Sue works part time at LTDI as an implementation consultant specialising in the areas of modern languages & the metropolitan area networks (MANs). Sue has taught French & Spanish for some 25 years, with and without technology, having been involved in the classroom use, design, development and evaluation of computer-based language learning software since 1981.
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Rupert Loader

Rupert was seconded to LTDI for 1994/95 as Implementation Consultant for Economics and Business. He has since returned to the Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, University of Reading, 4 Earley Gate, Whiteknights Road, Reading, RG6 2AR. Rupert is a lecturer in agricultural economics, specialising in the teaching and research of agricultural and food marketing issues.
e-mail: or

Nora Mogey

Nora joined LTDI in August 1994 as an implementation support consultant in the subject area of mathematics and statistics, and in August 1995 assumed the role of LTDI Development Officer. Nora moved from the Occupational Therapy division at The Queen's College Glasgow, now part of Glasgow Caledonian University. Previously Nora taught maths, computing and outdoor education for six years before studying for an MSc in industrial mathematics at Strathclyde.

Roger Rist

Roger is the LTDI Project Director and Director of the Learning Technology Centre, Heriot-Watt University, which incorporates the Institute for Computer Based Learning (ICBL). Roger holds a PhD from Nottingham University and a teaching qualification from Moray House College of Education. Having taught for 8 years at a secondary school Roger became a Curriculum Development Officer in Computing Studies for the Advisory Service of Lothian Region's Department of Education in 1990-91, developing and disseminating new materials for the Computing Studies curriculum and organising courses for teachers on the uses of technology in teaching and learning. Roger joined ICBL in April 1991.

Alan Sangster

At the time of writing his contribution Alan was Reader in the Department of Accountancy, University of Aberdeen. Alan has recently moved to Queen's University of Belfast as Professor of Accounting. In addition to his accounting interests Alan has long been interested in the use of computers in teaching and is editor of the New Review of Applied Expert Systems (previously The International Journal of Applied Expert Systems)

Greg Stoner

Greg joined LTDI as Implementation Consultant for Management & Business in 1995 on secondment from Department of Accounting & Finance, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8LE, where he is a lecturer in accounting and information systems. Having studied accounting, finance and operational research at the University of Lancaster Greg qualified as a chartered accountant in 1981, moving to Glasgow after a year lecturing at Southampton University. Greg has been using LT in his teaching since 1983.
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Helen Watt

Helen joined the LTDI team in 1994 as Implementation Consultant specialising in Generic Issues, particularly assessment and evaluation. Helen is on part time secondment from her role within the Staff Development Service, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ. Helen has also contributed to Glasgow University's institutional TLTP project, TILT, as chair of the dissemination group a member of the steering group and in the evaluation and staff training unit. Helen has worked in computing and teaching for over 20 years and is actively involved in the British Computer Society.
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