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Motivating students to use learning technology

Jen Harvey & Nora Mogey
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The time, energy, enthusiasm and planning that you have invested in the design of your implementation, and the provision and arrangement of resources could all be wasted if you fail to sell the idea effectively to your students. After all, it is the students who are actually going to be working with the technology. An open access resource centre, however nicely decorated, regardless of the technical wizardry included, will not be exploited by the students unless they are given strong motivation for doing so. Simply telling students that there is an exciting package available covering subject X is not enough to actually get them sitting down in front of it, never mind absorbing any worthwhile information from it.

This chapter gives suggestions of different ways that students might be motivated to use the technology that you are providing. If you are able to identify several reasons for the students using the material - all the better. Above all your own enthusiasm and belief in the materials you are using is crucial in convincing the students that technology is a useful, important and relevant component of their course.

Make it Relevant (Content)

Make Sure it is Appropriate

Make it an Experience

Make it Supportive

Make it assessed

Give the students ownership

Make it shared

Make it properly integrated

Follow it up

Make it interactive

Make it competitive

Set targets

Make it understandable

Be an enthusiast

Enhance students' self confidence

Make it fun


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