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Hopefully you will have found the contents of Implementing Learning Technology interesting and useful and you will want to go further - to embark on a new implementation, to review existing usage of learning technology or to plan an evaluation of the use of technology in teaching. So, where do we go from here?

Based on the principal that we learn best from our mistakes - or at least from active participation - the best place to start is probably to get involved in the process of planning and implementing technology into your own teaching. It would be unrealistic to suggest that this is an easy task, but teaching rarely is. However integrating technology can be very rewarding - for both you and your students - and need not be as daunting as it might appear at first sight. In general the technical expertise required to use existing learning technology in your teaching is relatively low and there is a wealth of useful material available.

This publication is not the place to list the subject/domain specific learning technology materials. However there is a lot of courseware available, much of which has great potential value in teaching and learning. In addition to commercial software, a great deal of material has been produced under public funding in the UK. Most of this material is available to UK higher education institutions at very low cost. Further information on these projects and initiatives is included in the LTDI Information Directory, as are details of the subject specific CTI Centres - good sources of advice on the availability of public sector and commercial learning technology materials.

Of course another place to go to next is to LTDI. We offer a range of services, including implementation help, all of which are free to Scottish HEIs

The remainder of this chapter lists some resources that may be useful to you in the process of implementing learning technology into your teaching and evaluating the efficacy of your implementations. The first section is an annotated bibliography of a selection of reports, articles and books. The second section lists some of the most relevant journals in this area.

An annotated bibliography

Relevant journals

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