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Dr Roger Rist LTDI Programme Director
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July 1996

The Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative (LTDI) was established by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (SHEFC) in August 1994, in order to support and encourage staff throughout Scotland in the integration of technology into teaching. The project is based in the Institute for Computer Based Learning, within the Learning Technology Centre at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

LTDI has assisted academic staff in identifying curricular areas that can appropriately be supported by computer based materials, in the subsequent evaluation of possible materials, and in the practical aspects of their implementation and integration into a course.

The LTDI team consists of academic staff from a range of subject disciplines, all with direct experience of the use of technology in teaching and mostly on secondment from lecturing positions. The combination of subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding has been crucial in allowing LTDI consultants to offer advice and engage in discussions with colleagues from institutions across the country. LTDI support is available free of charge to staff within institutions funded by SHEFC.

In producing this publication we have aimed to provide a set of readings that will enhance the use of Learning Technology in teaching.

Other LTDI Activities

Implementation Support is an important aspect of LTDI activities, but is in turn supported by a range of other events and publications:

This publication is complementary to the LTDI Information Directory, a sister publication which contains information on the all of the projects funded by the Teaching and Learning Technology Programme (TLTP) as well as details of initiatives such as the Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI) and the Information Technology Training Initiative (ITTI), projects and initiatives established to provide support for academic staff in the Higher Education sector in the UK. Parts of this publication and the LTDI Information Directory were previously published as the LTDI Handbook (7th Edition, December 1995). Versions of both this publication and the LTDI Information Directory are available on the World Wide Web at URL:

I hope you find that this provides interesting information, initiates thought and discussion on how best to use Learning Technology and that it proves a useful resource to support Learning Technology implementations.

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