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The Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative was a project funded by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council from August 1994 until August 1999 to promote the use of learning technology and computer based learning materials in SHEFC funded Higher Education Institutions. The emphasis was on educational issues and pedagogy, and the implementation and integration of learning technology rather than technical and programming aspects.

For the first three years subject-specific support was provided covering areas such as Biological Sciences, Languages, Art and Design. In the latter two years focussed on providing advice covering generic areas -- for example, assessment and evaluation -- and on disseminating some of the experience that had been learned through the lifetime of the project.

The LTDI website will continue to exist in order to provide access to the publications and resources developed by LTDI.

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What we did

LTDI Publications

LTDI have published a variety of newsletters, leaflets, and more substantial booklets all with ideas and information relevant to the use of learning technology. Many of these publications are available on-line.

Interactive CD-ROM

Working in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde's Audio Visual Media Services, LTDI produced an interactive CD-ROM built on the experience of the LTDI team for use by individual lecturers or staff development units interested in Learning Technology.

Workshops and Seminars

LTDI staff, in collaboration with individuals, departments, or staff development teams provided practical workshops on a variety of topics connected with the use of technology to support learning. Many of these were run for single institutions or departments, others were larger scale events open to the HE community in Scotland and the UK. Archives of presentation from two of these larger events are available on this web site.

Evaluation Facility

LTDI provided advice and support the evaluation of Learning Technology implementations in Scottish HE.

Implementation Support

This was an individually tailored practical support service available to departments or individuals. Follow this link for more details.

Support Training Scheme

Built on our experience in supporting implementations this was a programme which ran in academic year 1997/8 which provided an opportunity for a small number of members of academic staff from SHEFC funded institutions to be trained in supporting the implementation of Communications and Information Technology for the enhancement of learning.

More details on LTDI, can be found in the LTDI reports produced for SHEFC and in the report of the 1996/7 SHEFC funded evaluation of LTDI carried out by the University of Edinburgh, TLA Centre.

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