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About the Training Scheme

Nora Mogey, LTDI Coordinator


Since August 1994, LTDI's team of implementation support consultants has been working with institutions, departments or individuals to encourage the effective integration of learning technology into Higher Education. As part of its fourth year, LTDI ran a scheme aimed at passing on to selected institutional staff the support skills which the LTDI team have developed. This newsletter describes briefly the projects that have been supported under this scheme, and reflects on some of the experiences of the staff and institutions who have been involved.

The aim of the scheme was to offer practical training in how to support others in implementing learning technology, and to evaluate the effectiveness of such training.

Operation of the scheme

All SHEFC funded institutions were invited to submit proposals describing an implementation project to be supported, and nominating an individual who would take on the role of internal implementation support consultant. A total of 26 proposals were received, of which 8 were invited to participate in the scheme. (One project subsequently withdrew due to staff illness.) Projects were chosen to ensure a mix of institutions, subject areas, types of implementation, and support roles, while also considering the feasibility of the project.

An initial 2-day training programme was held, covering topics such as:

We also provided time for the individuals on the scheme to identify and explore resources and issues of particular relevance to their own project.

Each member of the scheme was received the equivalent of at least two days of further, individual support from LTDI. This took a variety of forms. Some participants sought general advice and encouragement, usually provided through a series of visits at fairly regular intervals, helping with timing, and to some extent with motivation and drive for the project. Other participants sought help with specific technical tasks e.g. designing and carrying out an evaluation, or video conferencing.


All the projects were very different in nature and not every member of the scheme has therefore experienced the same variety of demands, or had the opportunity to develop the same skills. Generally, and not unexpectedly, the projects which were on a smaller scale and based within a single department have been more manageable to support, and in particular have been better able to set and achieve time targets.

The project descriptions in this newsletter have been contributed by the implementation teams involved and highlight the issues likely to be most relevant for other institutions or implementations.

LTDI staff would like to thank the individuals and institutions who have been involved in this scheme for their time, energy and willingness to disseminate information about their experiences.

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