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A leaflet to assist academic staff in the use of information technology to enhance their teaching


This document presents a series of suggested considerations for academic staff in Higher Education who may want to use information technology (IT) in their teaching. It is intended as a guide to the use of computer-based learning (CBL) materials only: further information is available from LTDI or the other sources listed.
    This document should help you to:
  • decide whether or not to use IT in your teaching
  • assess some of the advantages and disadvantages of using IT in teaching
  • identify good CBL materials
  • make sure you have considered all hardware and software issues
  • identify some of the problems and pitfalls which may occur
  • identify some of the main issues which will face your institution
  • convince yourself, your colleagues, and your students
So you're thinking about using CBL...
Deciding on what CBL you are going to use...
Practical Issues of Implementation
Concluding Issues
be confident and flexible - and enjoy IT!

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