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Integrating learning technology in a foundation level management accounting course: An evaluation.


Greg Stoner
Department of Accounting and Finance
Glasgow University
65-71 Southpark Avenue
Glasgow G12 8LE
tel: 0141-339 8855
fax: 0141-330 4442


Implementations and their Evaluation


It is often suggested that integration strategy is the key factor in the success or otherwise of using Learning Technology (LT) in the curriculum (see for example Stoner 1996, Draper 1996). This paper presents an evaluation of the integration of two LT packages (three of Byzantium's management accounting modules and EQL's Understanding Management Accounting) in the teaching of a first year management accounting course, specifically addressing how the students perceived the degree to which the traditional and LT based elements of the course interrelated and supported each other. The two packages have been used in combination because of their different natures and the way that they support or supplant different aspects of the course curriculum. The EQL package being largely supportive of the traditional (especially lecture) material whilst the Byzantium material has been used to largely supplant calculative tutorials.

The results of the evaluation are discussed in relation to the success of supportive and suplantive implementation strategies, student motivation and resource implications as well as considering the possible affects of student's IT skills on the success of the adopted integration strategies.

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