Current Personnel

Santiago Chumbe

Santi has been principal investigator (PI) of various Discovery & Interoperability, Data Mining and e-Publishing research initiatives as well as Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) projects. Santi is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and he is the creator and the PI of JournalTOCs.

Projects: LInUX-AD, MOOD, JEMO, X-PARC, JASS, WattNames, JournalTOCs-API, Delores OER, Bayesian Feed Filter, GoldDust, EDLnet, ticTOCs, DYNIQX, PERX, TechXtra, PALS, ELF Search Demonstrator, RAM, SPP, FAILTE.

Web Page:

Lisa J Scott (nee Rogers)

Lisa is the School's Distance Learning Manager and has worked on projects relating to sharing learning resources.

Projects: Technology enhanced learning in MACS, Distance learning programmes, WattNames, Core-Materials, OER Pilot, JournalTOCs-API, Bayesian Feed Filter, GoldDust, ticTOCS, MATTER, LearnEM, ReSET.

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Idris Al-Skloul Ibrahim

Idris has worked on the School's distance learning programmes and projects related to JournalTOCs.

Projects: Distance learning, MOOD.

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Recently Departed

Phil Barker

Phil worked with Cetis, LRMI, and a number of engineering- and physical science-related projects at ICBL.

Projects: Technology enhanced learning in MACS, Schema Course Extension, LRMI, Cetis, Delores OER, Bayesian Feed Filter, Core-Materials, Engineering OER Pilot, LMAP, ReSET, LearnEM, ELF Search Demonstrator, Engineering Subject Centre, FAILTE, EASEIT-Eng, LTDI.

Web site: PJJK Limited, CETIS LLP

Moved to:

Sam McNaughton

Sam worked with us as an Intern in the summer of 2016

Moved to: after completing his BSc Hons in Computer Science he joined Hampden & Co.

Projects: JournalTOCs.

Anna Grant

Anna worked with us and the semantic web lab as an Equate Intern in the summer of 2015

Moved to: complete her MSc at Edinburgh Napier University

Projects: Linked course data.

Judy Robertson

Judy was director of ICBL and Senior Lecturer in the Computer Science department.

Moved to: a professorship at the University of Edinburgh

Projects: Technology Enhancement in MACS.

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Roger Rist

Roger was director of ICBL and Senior Teaching Fellow in the Computer Science department.

Moved to: last seen heading towards France

Projects: Pretty much all of them up to 2013.

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Neil Fegen

Moved to: Heriot Watt University, Web Team

Projects: CETIS, MATTER, ELF Search Demonstrator

Malcolm Moffat

Moved to: Elsevier

Projects: PERX, TechXtra, ELF Search Demonstrator

Geir Granum

Moved to: Edinburgh University MALTS

Projects: EEVL, TALiSMAN, CWEB / TLTP web development, CLASS

Ed Barker

Moved to: Eduserv

Projects: CETIS Metadata, Long term retention, FAILTE

Tina Manoharan

Moved to: Mirada Solutions Ltd

Projects: CETIS Metadata, FAILTE

Colin Milligan

Moved to: JeLSIM [But you'll find him in loads of other places as well.]


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