QAA-HWU LinCS Project
Enabling Final Year students to enhance their cross-disciplinary communication skills through User Experience (UX) workshops

Final Year students from the Departments of Languages & Intercultural Studies (LINCS) in the School of Social Sciences and E-Commerce Technology course, Computer Sciences (CS) in the School of Mathematics & Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University have worked together to enhance graduating students’ profile and their employability prospects in a mutually beneficial way. The project exposed CS students to the possibilities of interacting with LINCS students to enable Authentic Learning by generating synergies from their different yet complementary skills and abilities.
Through inter-disciplinary workshops, this project enabled CS students to put their Software Agile Development knowledge into practice, enhancing their ability to understand user expectations and requirements. LINCS students, conversely, were given the opportunity to express a user’s perspective in terms that can be understood by CS professionals.
The video highlights the evaluation done by the students at the end of the project.
Project Report (PDF file)

QAA-HWU LinCS Project (F20EC/F21EC Coursework 1)

by Authentic Learning at MACS