Santiago Chumbe

Santiago is the creator of JournalTOCs, a personalisable Current Awareness Service powered by the largest searchable collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs). The mission of JournalTOCs is to help researchers keep up-to-date on new research that matters to them.

Santiago has worked in various Knowledge Transfer Projects as a Principal Investigator (PI) and consultant to companies from the publishing industry. His research interest is in Programmatic Resource Discovery, Interoperability and Delivery Metadata Standards, e-Business as well as e-Publishing Business models and technologies.

Santiago teaches E-Commerce Technology (F20EC/F21EC), Interactive Systems (F27IS) and Web Programming (F28WP) at the Department of Computer Science, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (MACS) at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK.

Santiago holds a PhD in Engineering Sciences.

Santiago Chumbe

School of Mathematical
and Computer Sciences
Heriot Watt University
EH14 4AS
Tel: +44 (0)131 4513762
Office: EMB G41