Use VDEX Vocabulary for LOM Classification Element

The steps involved can be summarised as follows:

  1. Select a vocabulary source from the Classification/Taxon Path/Source element. The vocabulary sources are VDEX files stored under the ./helpers/md/vdexVocab folder. The items displayed in the combo box are either vocabulary names or identifiers, depending on what was provided in the VDEX file.

  2. Taxon Path Source
    Figure 1: Taxon Path Source Values

  3. After selecting a source, click on the BROWSE button next to the Taxon/ID or Taxon/Entry element. A VDEX Browser window will open up with the name of the Vocabulary, its identifier and language displayed on the top and two tabs Term and Metadata. When you select the Metadata tab, you can view the whole Vocabulary Metadata. In the term panel, a tree structure on the left will display the term [id:caption] values on its nodes. When you select a node/item on this tree, you can view the term description, media descriptor, relationship, and metadata on the right hand side. After you have selected the required term on the tree, click on the SELECT button.

  4. Vdex Browse Button
    Figure 2a: Vdex Browse Button

    Term Panel
    Figure 2b: Term Panel of the Vdex Browse Window

  5. The term identifier will be displayed on the Taxon/ID field and the term caption will be displayed on the Taxon/Entry field. If you have selected the Browse button next to the Taxon/Entry field then only the Taxon/Entry fields are filled. From the Full View you can see the entire Classification path.

  6. Classification Path Form View
    Figure 3a: Mesh Classification Path in Form View

    Classification Path Full View
    Figure 3b: Mesh Classification Path in Full View

  7. VDEX browse can be also done in a similar way from the Full View.

  8. Full View Vdex Browse
    Figure 4: Full View Vdex Browse

  9. When the vocabulary source is change, i.e. when a new value is selected for Classification/Taxon Path/Source, a warning message will be displayed and all the Taxon elements below it will be deleted. It's possible to cancel this process by selecting the CANCEL button on the warning dialog box.

  10. Warning Message
    Figure 5: Warning Message when Changing Vdex Source

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