Phil Barker

Research Fellow
ICBL, Computer Science
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Mountbatten Building
Edinburgh, EH14 4AS
Tel. 0131 451 3278
Fax. 0131 451 3327

My main interests are supporting the use of learning technology at Universities, particularly through supporting the discovery and selection of appropriate resources. My main areas of work are approaches to resource description and management, open educational resources (OERs) and the evaluation of computer based resources for engineering and physical science education.

I have been deeply involved in the technical development of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI), am a member of the Dublin Core LRMI Task Group and chair the W3C Schema Course Extension community group. In the past I have contributed to the effort to create a Application Profile of Dublin Core for Education, and edited and co-authored the IMS Meta-data Best Practice Guide for IEEE 1484.12.1-2002 Standard for Learning Object Metadata.

I have worked many years with Cetis, the Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards, mostly on resource description and discovery, repositories and resource management, Open educational resources (OERs) and eBooks for education (see my Work blog). In the past I worked on the DeloresOER project, which explored building collections of OERs for Engineering Design, which builds on the Bayesian feed filtering project. I have been an associate of the HE Academy Engineering subject centre, and contributed to their OER pilot project, as well as to the Materials Subject Centre's CORE materials OER project.

I teach "Design for Online Learning" "Critical Thinking" and "Interactive Systems" at Heriot-Watt Univeristy. I also promote the use of technology to enhance learning and teaching in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and represent the school on some institutional level forums for technology enhanced learning.

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I studied physics at Bristol, before doing a PhD and three years of research on polymer crystallization in the polymer physics group there. I then did one more year of research in that area at the CSIC in Madrid. While at Bristol, I enjoyed looking after the group's PCs, or trying to explain some interesting (I thought) physics to someone who may or may not have wanted to know. On returning from Spain I saw a job advertised at the CTI Centre for Physics which involved showing how computers can be used to explain physics, and I haven't looked back since.

I joined ICBL to work on the LTDI project in September 1996 on a six month secondment as Implementation Support Consultant in Physics, Chemistry and the Physical Sciences in general. After this I went back to CTI-Physics Guildford but couldn't stay away for long: when LTDI got its fourth year of funding I came back to ICBL.

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