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  • 17th July 2006 - PerX Focus Group Report on the cross-search demonstrator now available.
  • 16th June 2006 - The PerX Project - not just for engineers.
    Text of a paper for E-MmITS, the electronic newsletter of the Multimedia and Information Technology Group Scotland.
  • 9th June 2006 - Overcoming the obstacles of harvesting and searching digital repositories from federated searching toolkits, and embedding them in  VLEs.
    Text of a paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems , Athens, Greece.
  • 12th April 2006 - Give us feedback on the Perx Pilot and Win £100 Amazon vouchers!
    An important purpose of the PerX pilot is to help us scope a possible future cross-search service. We would very much appreciate your feedback so that we can scope the type of service you really need.

  • 14th March 2006 - PerX Pilot subject-based cross-repository search tool available.
    A basic pilot engineering cross-repository search tool is now available. Futher content sources will be added, and feedback sought, over the coming months.

  • 8th March 2006- Perx Advocacy material now available.
    The JISC funded PerX project has released an advocacy document entitled "Marketing with Metatdata - How Metadata Can Increase Exposure and Visibility of Online Content" which introduces the means by which content providers can share, or embed, their descriptive data (metadata), with other websites, in standard and reusable ways.

  • 10th November 2005 - PerX Listing of Engineering Repository Sources and Landscape Anaysis available.
    The project has released two documents entitled 'Engineering Digital Repositories Landscape Analysis' and 'Listing of Engineering Repository Sources'. These documents will inform the production of a Engineering Repository cross search pilot service.