Pilot Engineering Repository Xsearch

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The PerX project has developed a pilot service which provides subject resource discovery across a series of repositories of interest to the engineering learning and research communities. This pilot was used as a test-bed to explore the practical issues that would be encountered when considering the possibility of full scale subject resource discovery services. The project ended on 31st May 2007 and full list of project deliverables is available. TechXtra is a spin-off service of PerX, created using the data and software outputs produced by the project. The PerX database output has been made searchable from the Ex Libris MetaLib federated search commercial service.

Issues that were investigated include: the range and availability of actual and potential digital repository sources; exploration of cultural barriers to the use of repositories in the subject community, functionality of software tools; advocacy to encourage participation of repository providers; maintenance issues; interactions with infrastructural shared services; enhancing metadata quality; embedding and reuse of resource discovery services; improving search and browse results presentation; service profiling for particular audiences, and service sustainability.

PerX is funded by JISC as part of the Digital Repositories Programme. Further information about the project and details of latest news are available RSS Logo.