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Current KT Projects and Services


JournalTOC is the largest, free and searchable collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs) in the world. It contains TOCs for over 26,800 journals collected from almost 2,600 publishers. JournalTOC has taken special care to include all the highest rated journals in their fields, guaranteeing quality results. JournalTOC is for anyone who's looking for the latest or most current articles published in the scholarly literature. Academics, librarians, students and researchers are the main users. Developers use the JournalTOC API (application programming interface) to embed journalTOC search functionality within their own web applications.
JournalTOCs was created by Santiago Chumbe with grants awarded by JISC in 2009 and 2010. JournalTOCs has gone from being a research project to a service funded by its customers. JournalTOCs is being commercialised by Heriot-Watt Trading Ltd with the support of the University Technology Consortium. The key for JournalTOCs success was its use of agile development techniques and customer-centric business approaches. Here you can find some experiences gained by the staff running this fascinating service at Heriot Watt University. The features of its main product, JournalTOCs *Premium* are listed here.

Heriot-Watt Tandem Scheme is a service being used by teachers and students of the Department of Languages & Intercultural Studies (LINCS). It was designed and developed by a team of three students: Final Year Computer Sciences students Murlidhar Fichadia and Husnain Sultan and, MSc IT Business Mgmt. student Jean Abrial. The students first prototyped a solution as part of their E-Commerce Coursework and then obtained a funding of £2,700.00 to developed it into a free service for HWU students wanting to improve their foreign language skills. Currently, we are supporting the HWU Tandem LINCS users and collecting user experiences with the aim of further expanding the service.

Recent Past KT Projects


MOOD (Making Online-first Open-access Discoverable) was a Knowledge Transfer Project between Heriot Watt University and Inderscience Publishers Ltd with the long term aim of developing a sustaining collaborative relationship between Scholarly Publishers and the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences in the field of e-publication workflow optimization. The specific purpose was to investigate and develop technologies which could be prototyped by the publisher partner and be used as a model with other publishers needing to enable current-awareness-focused discovery & delivery of Online-first Open-Access content, as early as possible in their publishing workflow and, reflecting the changing e-business models of scholarly publishing.


TechXtra is a free service which can help researchers find articles, books, the latest industry news, job announcements, technical reports, technical data, full text eprints, the latest research, thesis & dissertations, teaching and learning resources and more, in engineering, mathematics and computing. TechXtra searches over 5 million items from 33 top sources using a combination of sources based on SRU, Z39.50, OAI-PMH and RSS technologies. Roddy MacLeod, Santy Chumbe and Malcolm Moffat created TechXtra using the technology produced by PerX, one of the JISC Projects with major impact in the study of best practices for Shareable Metadata (e.g. Next Generation OAI). TechXtra is supported by Heriot Watt University and is funded by voluntary sponsorships, inter-linking partnerships, related JISC projects and institutional contributions.

OneStep Jobs

OneStep Jobs is a free subsidiary service of TechXtra. The OneStep Jobs service aggregates the very job vacancy announcements from over 500 top sources and presents them in an easily accessible format. OneStep Jobs gives you the latest jobs vacancies in Engineering, Mathematics and Computing Industries from top sources in one place. OneStep Jobs was created by Roddy MacLeod and Geir Granum and is being funded by voluntary sponsorships and inter-linking partnerships.

OneStep News

OneStep Industry News is a free subsidiary service of TechXtra. The OneStep Industry News service aggregates the very latest information from over 300 top sources and presents them in an easily accessible format. OneStep Industry News provides users with the latest news stories collected from top Engineering, Mathematics and Computing Industry News sources in one place. OneStep Industry News was created by Roddy MacLeod and Geir Granum and is being funded by voluntary sponsorships and inter-linking partnerships.

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