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LTDI Evaluation Cookbook

A practical guide to evaluation methods for lecturers, including



Papers / reports

The importance of cc:license for the discoverability of open access articles in hybrid journals
Hayley Gibson and Roddy MacLeod. Editorial, UKSG eNews 430 (2018)


Papers / reports

Use of BTL Surpass for online exams in Computer Science. An ICBL report
Phil Barker. An ICBL Report

Analysing and Improving Embedded Markup of Learning Resources on the Web
Stefan Dietze, Davide Taibi, Ran Yu, Phil Barker, and Mathieu d’Aquin. In Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion (WWW ’17 Companion), Republic and Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, 283-292
DOI: 10.1145/3041021.3054160
Paper URL:


Enhancing the Learning Experience on Programming-focused Courses via Electronic Assessment Tools
Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Phil Barker and Sanusi Usman. Presented at the Trends in Functional Programming in Education Conference, Canterbury, 19-21 June, 2017
Slides URL:
Paper URL:

Fostering cross-disciplinary communication skills in Final Year students
Santiago Chumbe, José María Conde, Elizabeth Thoday. Presented at the 3rd QAA International Enhancement Conference, Glasgow, 06-08 June, 2017


Papers / reports

Technology Strategies for OER Dissemination
P. Barker and L. M. Campbell. In P. Blessinger & T. J. Bliss (eds.) 2016 Open Education: International Perspectives in Higher Education (pp51-71). Open Book Publishers Cambridge, UK. . DOI: 10.11647/OBP.0103


Current Work of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, Building on to Describe Learning Resources
Phil Barker, Lorna M Campbell, Richard Wallis. Special session at the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, Copenhagen, 13-14 October, 2016


Papers / reports

We Should Not Light an Open Access Lamp and then Hide it Under a Bushel!
Santi Chumbe, Roddy Macleod and Brian Kelly. IOS Press Ebooks Proceedings of the 19th ELPUB Conference, Malta (2015) pp. 102-112
DOI: 10.3233/978-1-61499-562-3-102

Hybrid journals: Ensuring systematic and standard discoverability of the latest Open Access articles
Santi Chumbe, Brian Kelly and Roddy Macleod. The Serials Librarian Volume 68, No 1-4 (2015) pp. 143-155 DOI: 10.1080/0361526X.2015.1016856


LRMI, Learning Resource Metadata on the Web
Phil Barker and Lorna M Campbell. Keynote presentation at LiLE Linked Learning Workshop, WWW Conference, Florence, 18-22 May, 2015
Abstract URL:
Summary URL:
Slides URL:


Papers / reports

Standardising future formats of digital textbooks: A framework for mapping international stakeholders’ positions and context
T. Hoel, Yuan Li, P. Barker, Journal of East China Normal University (Natural Science), 2, Mar. 2014. URL


Keeping up to date with new research: skills and tools for library staff and users
Santi Chumbe and Roddy Macleod. Invited talk in the course organized by the CILIP Academic and Research Libraries Group and CILIP Information Services Group (London and South East sections). Slides presented by Roddy MacLeod (9th July 2014)

Hybrid journals: Ensuring systematic and standard discoverability of the latest Open Access articles
Santi Chumbe, Brian Kelly and Roddy Macleod, presented at NASIG 2014 Conference in Ft Worth, Texas, USA, 2 May 2014.
Presentation slides:

Learning Resource Metadata Initiative: using to describe open educational resources
Phil Barker and Lorna M. Campbell, presented at OCWC Global Conference, Ljubljana, 24 April 2014.
Extended abstract:
Presentation slides:

JournalTOCs Premium API Commercial Applications
Santi Chumbe. Invited talk given to delegates from 15 different companies in a symposium organized by (Germany) via Skype. (8th April 2014)


Papers / reports

"Being in business" - experiences from a research project
Santi Chumbe, Software Sustainability Institute, 25 January 2013. URL:

Marketing OA journals now that authors are customers: the role of RSS
Santi Chumbe and Roddy Macleod, Learned Publishing, Volume 26, Number 1, January 2013 , pp. 51-56(6). URL:



Straight from the horse's mouth! - Low cost alternatives to traditional library discovery services
Santi Chumbe, Presented at LIBER 40th Annual Conference,Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, 29 June - 2 July 2011.
[online poster] URL:

Helping researchers keep up-to-date on new research that matters to them
Santi Chumbe, 11th Summer School on Entrepreneurship, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK, July 2011.


Papers / reports

WattJournals: Towards an Economic and Lightweight Search Tool Alternative for Libraries To Help Their Students and Researchers Keep Up-To-Date
Santi Chumbe and Roddy Macleod, Code{4}lib Journal, 12, Dec 2010. URL:

A Case Study in the Use of Animated Visual Models in Communications Engineering Education
Dave Pearce and Phil Barker, ASEE Annual Conference, Louisville, June 20-23, 2010. URL:

Approaches to supporting Open Educational Resource projects
R. John Robertson, Sheila MacNeill, Phil Barker, Lorna Campbell and Li Yuan. OCWC Global 2010, Hanoi, Vietna, May 5-7 2010.

One Standard to rule them all?: Descriptive Choices for Open Education
R. John Robertson, Lorna Campbell, Phil Barker, Li Yuan, and Sheila MacNeill. OCWC Global 2010, Hanoi, Vietna, May 5-7 2010.

Mashup of REST-ful APIs using RSS feeds to support research in a high-demanding research environment
Santi Chumbe. In Proceedings of the 10th EMTAC Conference in Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries, Trondheim, Norway, 26-28 April 2010.

Metadata for Learning Materials: An Overview of Existing Standards and Current Developments
Phil Barker and Lorna Campbell, Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning 7(3-4) 2010,pp 225-243. URL:


JournalTOCs: Current Research Tracking using RSS feeds
Santi Chumbe, Presented at SICSA DEMOfest 2010, Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance. University of Edinburgh, November 2010.
[online poster] URL:

Discovering OERs through RSS and APIs
Lisa J Rogers, Presented at Open Educational Resources International Symposium (UKOER10), London, July 2010
Presentation [online] URL:

Reflections from the Core-Materials and OER Pilot Projects
Lisa J Rogers, Presented at Cetis Repositories and the Open Web, London, April 2010
Presentation [online] URL:
Position paper [online] URL:

Pull yourself together! Remote searching of multiple sources to best present OER materials
Rob Pearce and Lisa J Rogers, Presented at OER10, Cambridge, March 2010.
[online] URL:

Lisa J Rogers, Presented at VRERI Kick Off Meeting, London, February 2010.
[online] URL:


Papers / reports

Guidelines For EngSC OER Descriptions
Phil Barker. November 2009.
[online] URL:

Recommendations on RSS Feeds for Scholarly Publishers
Geoffrey Bilder, Leigh Dodds, Tony Hammond, Richard O'Beirne and Lisa J Rogers. Published October 2009.
[online] URL:

Resource description requirements for EngSC OER project
Phil Barker and Lisa J Rogers. October 2009.
[online] URL:

TicTOCron: an Automatic Solution for Propagating Quality Metadata to Scholarly TOC RSS Feed Metadata
Santi Chumbe and Roddy MacLeod. In 30th IATUL Annual Conference, Leuven (Belgium), 1-4 June 2009. [online] URL:

Transforming Current Awareness through RSS: How two projects (ticTOCs and Gold Dust) are using RSS to improve the information landscape for the 21st century researcher
Lisa J Rogers, Simon Hodson and Roddy MacLeod, Presented at 33rd European Library Automation Group (ELAG) Conference "New Tools of the Trade", April 2009 [online] URL:


JournalTOCs Workshop - JournalTOCs in a CRIS
Lisa J Rogers, Presented at JournalTOCs Workshop, Heriot-Watt University, November 2009.
[online] URL:

JournalTOCs Workshop - The Other Side of The Interface
Phil Barker , Presented at JournalTOCs Workshop, Heriot-Watt University, November 2009.
[online] URL:

JournalTOCs Workshop - Testing the First Use Case
Santi Chumbe, Presented at JournalTOCs Workshop, Heriot-Watt University, November 2009.
[online] URL:

JournalTOCs Workshop - Introduction and Feedback
Lisa J Rogers, Presented at JournalTOCs Workshop, Heriot-Watt University, November 2009.
[online] URL:

JournalTOCs - Presentation at EuroCRIS Meeting
Lisa J Rogers, Presented to EuroCRIS meeting at St Andrews University, November 2009.
[online] URL:

Dissemination of Open Educational Resources
Lisa J Rogers, Presented to Open Educational Resources Pilot Project at Engineering Subject Centre May 2009.
[online] URL:

Transforming Current Awareness through RSS
Lisa J Rogers. Presented at Presented at 33rd European Library Automation Group (ELAG) Conference "New Tools of the Trade", April 2009 URL :


Papers / reports

Learning Material Application Profile Scoping Study - final report
Phil Barker, Report submitted to JISC, December 2008 [online] URL:

A Bug's Life?: How Metaphors from Ecology Can Articulate the Messy Details of Repository Interactions
R. John Robertson, Mahendra Mahey & Phil Barker, Ariadne Issue 57, October 2008 [online] URL:

RSS and scholarly journal tables of contents: the ticTOCs project, and good practice guidelines for publishers
Lisa Rogers, FUMSI Magazine, October 2008 [online] URL:


Projet ticTOCs: Service de sommaires de revues
Santi Chumbe. Presented at "Journée d'études sur la mutualisation des systèmes de signalement des contenus de périodiques en sciences humaines et sociales" Thursday 27th November 2008 at l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lyon, Université de Lyon, Lyon, France
URL :   [slides]

Advanced uses of RSS feeds and a look at the future.
Lisa Rogers. Presented at "RSS, blogging and podcasting the future of current awareness : A workshop for publishers and information producers in the social services" Friday 31st October 2008 at Glasgow Caledonian University. URL :

Metadata in an ecosystem of presentation dissemination.
R. John Robertson, Phil Barker and Mahendra Mahey. Poster presented at "DC2008: International conference on Dublin core and metadata applications", Berlin 22-26 Sept 2008. URL :


Papers / reports

Building bridges with blocks: assisting digital library and virtual learning environment integration through reusable middleware
Santi Chumbe, Roddy MacLeod, Marion L. Kennedy. In Proceedings ELPUB 2007, the 11th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, focusing on challenges for the digital spectrum. Vienna, Austria. available:

A guide to helping your students find information online
and A guide to finding online resources for learning and teaching in Engineering
Phil Barker, published by the HE Academy Engineering Subject Centre [online] URL:

The Engineering Subject Centre guide to content packages for sharing digital learning resources
Lisa Rogers and Phil Barker published by the HE Academy Engineering Subject Centre [online] URL: (doc)

Image Case Study: Community Led Engineering Image Collections.
Lisa Rogers and Phil Barker Project report for JISC. [online] URL: (doc or pdf)or (pdf)

Distributed e-Learning accessibility case study for the LearnEM project
Lisa Rogers and Phil Barker published by the HE Academy Engineering Subject Centre [online] URL:

What is assessment item banking
Phil Barker and Rowin Young. CETIS briefing paper series [online] URL:


Joining Up: Virtual Learning Environments and Digital Libraries. Interoperability Issues.
Santi Chumbe. Presented to postgraduate students of the MSc in Information Technology (e-Learning) Course, Heriot Watt University. URL :

Image directories by RSS aggregation
Phil Barker and Lisa Rogers presentation given to the HE Academy Subject Centre technical group. Available

The "repository ecology" approach to describing cross-search aggregation service management.
Phil Barker and Malcolm Moffat Position paper and presentation for the European Conference on Digital Libraries, 2007 workshop on "Towards a European repository ecology". Available


Papers / reports

Overcoming the obstacles of harvesting and searching digital repositories from federated searching toolkits, and embedding them in VLEs.
Santi Chumbe, Roddy MacLeod, Phil Barker, Malcolm Moffat, Roger Rist. In Proceedings 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, Athens, Greece. available:

'Marketing' with metadata - how metadata can increase exposure and visibility of online content.
Malcolm Moffat [online] URL:

What is...IMS Vocabulary Definition Exchange
Neil Fegen CETIS briefing paper series [online] URL:


Rejuvenating learning resources and working with the Jorum
Phil Barker. Presented at the Engineering Subject Centre's Librarians' Day, Loughborough June 2006. URL :


Papers / reports

Engineering digital repositories landscape analysis, and implications for PerX
Roddy MacLeod and Malcolm Moffat [online] URL:

Listing of engineering repository sources
Roddy MacLeod and Malcolm Moffat [online] URL:

Development of a practical evaluation methodology for the production of engineering learning technology case studies by the EASEIT-Eng project: A Reflective Commentary
Fiona Lamb, Steve Rothberg, Phil Barker published by the HE Academy Engineering Subject Centre [online] URL:

What is... IEEE Learning Object Metadata (the LOM) / IMS Learning Resource Meta-data
Phil Barker CETIS briefing paper series [online] URL: (pdf file).


Map of the CETIS metadata and digital repository interoperability domain
Phil Barker. Slides used at various CETIS metadata and digital repository SIG meeting URL :

ELF search service demonstrator project overview
Phil Barker. Brief overview of progress on the ELF Search demonstrator project URL :


Papers / reports

Exchange for Learning : Learning for a healthier nation: Pedagogical evaluation report
Ed Barker, Nathan McIntosh, Dr Roger Rist [online] URL: [too long to display]

Technology in support of learning
Phil Barker in Bailie, C and Moore, I (eds) "Effective learning and teaching in engineering" RoutledgeFalmer.

Long-term retention and reuse of e-learning objects and materials : report commissioned by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
Ed Barker, Hamish James, Gareth Knight, Colin Milligan, Malcolm Polfreman, and Roger Rist. JISC [Online] URL :

RDN/LTSN partnerships: learning resource discovery based on the LOM and the OAI-PMH
Andy Powell and Phil Barker, ARIADNE Issue 39. [Online] URL :

IMS meta-data best practice guide for IEEE 1484.12.1-2002 Standard for Learning Object Metadata (public draft)
Phil Barker, Lorna M. Campbell, Anthony Roberts (Eds). IMS Global Learning Consortium [Online] URL :

Guidelines for encoding identifiers in Dublin Core and IEEE LOM metadata
Andy Powell, Pete Johnston, Lorna Campbell and Phil Barker [Online] URL:


Long-term Retention and Reuse of eLearning Objects and Materials
Roger Rist. Presentation at JISC/CNI meeting "The future of scholarship in the digital age" URL :


Papers / reports

RDN/LTSN resource type vocabulary
Phil Barker Phil Cross, Ale Fernandez, Suzanne Hardy, Nik Jewell, Martin Poulter, Andy Powell. [Online] URL :

Developing seamless discovery of scholarly and trade journal resources via OAI and RSS
Santi Chumbe and Roddy MacLeod. Presented at the "IADIS International Conference WWW/INTERNET 2003". [Online] URL : (PDF doc)


The Subject Portal Project
Santi Chumbe and Mustapha Heddi. Presentation at the "Pan European Portal Conference 2003" URL : (MS PowerPoint ppt).


Papers / reports

A framework for work-based networked learning
Patrick McAndrew, Lachlan Mackinnon, & Roger Rist Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 13(1), (2002), pp. 149-166. [Available online] URL :

Standards and accessibility compliance for the FAILTE project web site
Phil Barker, QA Focus case study 02, UKOLN, [Online] URL :

Developing a standardised evaluation methodology for computer based learning materials
Aruna Palipana, Phil Barker, Steve Rothberg, Fiona Lamb in "Proceedings of the 2002 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition" American Society for Engineering Education. [Online] URL :


About EASEIT-Eng
Phil Barker Poster presented at the 2002 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition [Online] URL :


Papers / reports


Marketing approaches to secure lecturers' involvement in the evaluation of learning technology.
Phil Barker, Helen Jackson, Andrew Wallace, Steve Rothberg, Fiona Lamb and Gwen Marples. Presented at ALT-C 2001 [Online] URL :

Delivering Staff Development Online
Colin Milligan, web page based on a presentation given to the M25 consortium of HE Libraries - Staff Development Group. [Online] URL :

Promoting Effective Learning Through Interactive Technologies
Colin Milligan, Roger Rist and Ruth Thomas, abstract for interactive session at ALT-C 2001. [Online] URL :


Papers / reports

Online Tutoring e-book
Carol Higgison (ed.), product of the the OTiS International e-Workshop: Developing Online Tutors, May 2000. [Online] access from :

A study on market issues for the proposed e-University
John Fielden, with Professor Robin Middlehurst Allan Schofield, Roger Rist, Svava Bjarnason Richard Garrett, Jennifer Maxwell and Karen Abercromby, in Bacsich, P and Bristow, S.F. (eds.) "The e-University compendium, volume 1 : Cases issues and themes in higher education distance e-Learning" published September 2004, The Higher Education Academy (UK) [Online] access from :

An EASIER way to search an online engineering resource
Geir Granum and Phil Barker, Online Information Review, 24 (1), 2000, pp. 78-82


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