UK Higher Education Funding Councils' Information Technology Training Initiative


Updated 1 May '95

The Project titles are listed in alphabetic order of UK Institution hosting the project

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Where the Project Title is highlighted there is a link to a project www or Gopher

IT Training within the Teaching of Clinical Skills barts

ISI Data Service bath

Individualised Program for Computer based Learning with Multimedia belfast

Educational Technology Enabling Service bristol

Training Partnerships with Commercial Organisations Cardiff

Computer based Introductory IT Skills Training Durham

Hypertext and Multimedia based Training Systems Dundee

UNIX Help for Users Edinburgh

X-Windows Training Edinburgh

ESRC Data Archive Training & Promotion of bIRON Essex

Networks Technical Support Exeter

Establishing Multimedia Authoring Skills in Higher Education Glasgow

Multimedia based IT Training for Humanities Hull

Unix Documentation in Hypertext Form Kent

Online Training Materials for INGRES www Lancaster

ARC/INFO Training and GIS Tutorials (ASSIST) Leicester

Guidelines to initiative for Materials Production L'borough

The Training of Computer Centre Advisors LSE

Training Material for Finite Element Software UMIST

Visualisation and Computer Graphics Manchester

Relational Database Self-Teaching Especially Ingres and Oracle Newcastle

Networks User Support Newcastle

CAL Authoring Provision : Standards Environments and Training Nottingham

Authoring Shell and Training for Hypermedia in Language & Literature Oxford

FORTRAN to C Conversion & LATEX RAL

Production of bRS/Search Training Materials St Andrews

Geographic Information Systems Awareness Packages S'hampton

Training and PC based Support Tutorials for Statistical Applications Ulster

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